Contribute faithfully to your stokvel and get a cash back reward

Last month we told you #ItsNeverTooLate to start achieving your financial goals through the power of group saving (and investing). And as a way to inspire those of you who might need a little extra Mandelas, StokFella is giving one lucky stokvel club member a full month’s contribution back simply for choosing us as your preferred platform to securely manage your stokvel club’s admin.

Making a regular monthly contribution of as little as R300 per month to your preferred stokvel club using the StokFella platform is all it takes for you to go into our monthly draw.
Start using StokFella and learn that #ItsNeverTooLate to start achieving your financial goals towards your future by being a part of a stokvel club with your family, colleagues, friends, church members and the likes. T&Cs Apply,