Whether you are into the stock market or new unconventional crowdfunding; your stokvel can now play its part to impact the economy directly through StokFella and our investment providers.

Why should your Stokvel Club invest?

If you are looking for interest that preserve the value of your money (i.e. beat inflation) or you are looking for interest that could be higher than what you getting at the bank, then your stokvel club should consider investing. Particularly, if your stokvel has a more than 36 months goal; taking some of your monthly contributions into investments, will allow you and your stokvel to create wealth.

Available Investment Vehicles for your Stokvel Club

Satrix TOP 40
Business CrowdFunding
AgriCulture CrowdFunding

  1. All investment withdrawal timelines, investment periods and returns may vary from one Investment Provider to another. Please select Overview to visit their respective websites.
  2. StokFella or any of its representatives do not render financial advice. If you require advise, you are welcome to contact directly StokFella’s product/service suppliers those who are authorised to provide financial advice. If you do so, it is at your own discretion.