Quarter 2 – Top 10 Best Performing Stokvels

A race run, a dream landed, a little victory and certainly well-earned. We are delighted to introduce you to our 2nd Quarter of 2021 Best Performing stokvels. It is curtain call, and the applause is for all Top 10 of you. What you have been able to achieve is phenomenal. We could not have been more impressed. Your drive and passion are infectious to other stokvels. Congratulations on your success!!


  1. Trust -Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel – A Stokvel club with the objective of investing in high yield multi-tenant properties in Gauteng, KZN and Western Cape for the benefit of all their members. They provide property investment opportunities for people who wants to invest in property but do not have the time, skills or large sums of money required. https://www.sakhisizwepropertystokvel.co.za/


  1. Financial Freedom Stokvel – Financial Freedom Stokvel seeks to create a culture of saving among its members as a foundation towards the goal of gaining financial freedom. This also serves as a community building initiative deeply embedded in Ubuntu.


  1. EDPF Stokvel – EDPF is an IMPACT Fund with a mission to empower previously disenfranchised entrepreneurs who wish to enter the property sector, and transform this R5.8 trillion sector that has been slow or unwilling to be part of the transformation process. https://www.edpf.co.za/wp/stokvel/


  1. JV Butchery Stokvel – The purpose of this stokvel is to invest its members’ contribution into a weaner agriculture opportunity where members will get returns after the weaner has been slaughtered and sold. JV Butchery Stokvel have raised R800 000 in just 3months.


  1. Yarona Property CompanyThe purpose of this stokvel is to Invest in properties.


  1. ALIT – The purpose of ALIT is to foster healthy social interactions with the main purpose of uplifting the livelihood of members through purposeful and sound diversified investments. ALIT is founded on the basis that its members will enjoy the benefits of joint financial investments and revenue generation which will ultimately benefit future generations within the ALIT family ambit.


  1. Caladrius Investment Holdings – A group of medical professionals with the aim of starting a mutual bank. Caladrius Investment Holdings is a registered cooperative and they have raised over R1 million from March 2020 to date.


  1. The People’s Stokvel – The People’s Fund is a purchase order crowdfunding platform for businesses that have orders with government and corporate and are looking for capital to deliver these orders. The platform allows everyday people to participate in the growth of these talented entrepreneurs; whilst also making it easier for entrepreneurs to get access to funding. http://www.thepeople.co.za


  1. 100 Shooters – Members save R100 or more every Monday of the week for a period of 12 Months and it will be done every year. Payouts are done every January; it helps reduce the stress and burden that comes with the first month of the year. This is to motivate and encourage other individuals that are unable to save money on their own, to learn and be consistent with their savings.


  1. United Matebeleland Sons and Daughters UMSD – Vision of the stokvel is to save money together which will be used in investments to uplift ourselves and create generational wealth for us. We are trying to move away from raising money and share in December or raise money and buy groceries in December. We have decided to raise money and invest it together in whatever business we agree on.

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Disclaimer: This is article is not financial advice. Due Diligence is to be done on any stokvel you join.