Top 10 Best Performing Stokvels 1st Quarter Of 2021

It is with greatest joy to see stokvels on our app accomplish what they have been hoping for and working hard towards. Sending our congratulations messages is a perfect way to honor these stokvels and recognise such achievements. We introduce to you our Top 10 Best Performing Stokvels for the 1st Quarter of 2021.

To the stokvel clubs mentioned on the ordered list below, sithi halala! you are a testimony that great things happen to those who are patient and work hard towards reaching their money goals together.


  1. Caladrius Investment Holdings – A group of medical professionals with the aim of starting a mutual bank. Caladrius Investment Holdings is a registered cooperative and they have raised over R1 million from March 2020 to date.


  1. Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel – A Stokvel club with the objective of investing in high yield multi-tenant properties in Gauteng, KZN and Western Cape for the benefit of all their members. They provide property investment opportunities for people who wants to invest in property but do not have the time, skills or large sums of money required. Sakhisizwe’s team have raised R8 million since they have launched on 29 June 2019 using the StokFella platform.


  1. THUDmoney Franchise Stokvel – Saves money together and buying franchises in order to transform communities with jobs and SME opportunities. The goal is to transform the franchising industry in South Africa. THUDmoney Franchise Stokvel bought their 1st store (Jimmy’s Killer brand) in November 2020 and created jobs for shareholders families and community. Their 2nd will be launching in Soweto 1st of June 2021 at MeadowPoint Mall in Meadowlands. Follow this link to subscribe and join their groups on StokFella.


  1. BO Property Stockvel – BO Property Stockvel was formed in March 2020 and registered on the StokFella app in June 2020. The objective of this stokvel is to assist members who wants to save money in the aim of buying property, paying off the existing property, building and improvements on the existing property. Members contribute a minimum of R5 000 each and when the contributions reach a R100k they invest that money in low-risk investments where they earn interest and capital is guaranteed. The stokvel club has raised over R300k to date and all that money has been invested and earning interest. Their plan is to share the money after 3 years.


  1. Kopano Collective – Kopano Collective Stokvel was established in June 2019 by a group of over 1000 members across all nine provinces of South Africa to become players in the economy through crowdfunding. Their vision is to continue to support sustainable development goals towards owning the value chain of these asset classes that will create jobs and build wealth for their members and for generations to come. Together the have raised their first million in December 2020 with their R50 monthly contributions.


  1. Masedi Education Stokvel – Their aim is to improve accessibility of affordable and quality education to rural communities by financing school projects and to create an investment platform for the working class who are interested in making extra income. This stokvel has raised overa R650k from July 2020 to date. They have built classrooms and renovated schools.


  1. Mash Investment Club – Their objectives are to contribute funds with a common purpose of Investing them and earning interest. The pooled funds will yield up to 10% growth per year. Members also have an option of earning a compounded interest on their contribution. The pooled funds will also have a “Fund Insurance” that protects the capital.


  1. Sakhumnotho Property Stokvel – The stokvel focuses on property primarily student accommodation at a large scale and secondary high density residential properties. The members are currently raising capital that will enable them to invest at a scale within appetite. They are also working with a specialist advisor in the types of properties they are looking to buy and academic institutions they should target.


  1. The People’s Stokvel – The People’s Fund is a purchase order crowdfunding platform for businesses that have orders with government and corporate and are looking for capital to deliver these orders. The platform allows everyday people to participate in the growth of these talented entrepreneurs; whilst also making it easier for entrepreneurs to get access to funding.


  1. Vhumatshelo Investment Club – To build wealth by acquiring properties for the benefit of their members.


If you are interested in joining these stokvels, you could easily Search and request to Join the stokvel on the StokFella app.