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4. Repayment Terms

Once the loan amount has been disbursed into your stokvel Nala Club account, your stokvel and all its members will be responsible for repayment of the total amount due as stipulated in the agreement. You furnish StokFella with the rights Read More

3. Interest Rate And Fees

The interest rate is fixed for the duration of the agreement and shall not exceed the maximum interest rate applicable to your agreement under the NCA. The full interest is calculated upfront based on the loan amount requested and term Read More

2. Quotation And Payment Schedule

The quotation will be auto generated and displayed within the StokFella platform to review and accept. Once accepted, a payment schedule will be issued. The payment schedule will be auto generated and sent to the stokvel executive(s) and will outlay Read More

1. Introduction

StokFella is registered with the National Credit Regulator (“NCR”) and subscribes to the National Credit Act (“NCA”). The agreement is concluded and binding once StokFella disburses the approved loan application to your stokvel group. The granting of the loan is Read More

4. How to submit documents?

Login to our app, Menu > Settings > FICA to upload all required documents. Your documents will be assessed and processed within one working day. You will then receive a confirmation email.