About Us

No matter what your Money Goals are, We can help you and your peers who share the same wealth aspirations as you Grow.

About StokFella

Stokvels are an important part of Mzansi lifestyle as they bring friends, families and people with the same Money Goals together. Inspired by a South African informal savings culture of stokvels, societies and umshayelwano. StokFella was born — an MTN award-winning mobile app that not only makes it easier for stokvels to manage their monthly payments and claims online via a mobile phone or our website. Our Club Account will also give you more interest when you manage your stokvel book through it.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to put the power of informed financial management and financial decision making in the hands of our people. By providing a world-class mobile phone app that allows peers to collectively set Money Goals, save, manage, communicate and be more efficient in growing their money. We believe stokvels are the future vehicles of financial freedom, fighting unemployment and building wealth amongst our people.


Our team is fully committed to helping your stokvel club achieve its Money Goals, whether they are short, mid or long-term. That is why we are consistently working around the clock to make our platform as secure, transparent and user friendly as possible to give you less worries about your stokvel money.